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Holo Pineapple Wax Melts

Fall/Winter Scent List

**= THP Special Blends

Amish Spice Loaf- Sweet vanilla, touch of sugar, cinnamon, clove, allspice, nutmeg, and fruit

**Apple Basket- Juicy Green and Red Apples sitting perfectly in a basket. Notes of Mac Apple and Green Apple 

**Blackbeard's Ghost- Apple Spiced Butter Rum

Blue Pumpkins- Fresh Blueberries, Ripe Pumpkins, Blueberry Pumpkin Patch *type

**Camped Out- Ducked off into the woods a comfortable cabin awaits you with warming notes of sweet amber, cedar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cashmere vanilla swirled into notes of pine and bergamot with bottom notes of shaving cream.

Candy Corn- Straight up delicious candy corn

Cinnamon Toast- Notes of cinnamon sugar and toast

**Cobweb Cakes- Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow Pancakes

Cranberry Salsa- Juicy, fruity, cranberry sauce

 Did You Say Pumpkin?!- Delicious pumpkin cupcakes 

**Every 23rd Spring, For 23 days, it gets to...EAT- Cinnamon Vanilla Graham Cracker, Pistachio Pudding Cake

Fireside *type- Cinnamon Sticks, Cinnamon Leaf, Clove, and Tonka Bean

**Flaming Pumpkins- Bonfire, vanilla, pumpkin, marshmallow

**Free Broom Rides- Sweet Almond, Orange Chiffon Cake

**Fire Starter- Fresh Cypress, Lavender, Cedar, Rosemary, Cashmere Woods, Hot Cider, Cloves, Nutmeg, and Bonfire

Gingerbread Brulee- Buttery gingerbread, nuts and spices

**Goblin Drool- Banana Gingerbread Cookies

**Goblin Smoke- Mac apple, Bite me, Pancakes, snickerdoodle, Bonfire

**Holiday Cookies- Notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and gooey sugar cookies 

Holiday Spiced Balsam- Fruity, Spicy, Woody, Cedar, Balsam Pine Tree

**Holo Bonfire- Notes of bonfire, sweet pineapple, brown sugar, and toasted marshmallow.

Hot Coco- Warm delicious hot chocolate 

Leaves type*- Apples, Berries, Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Golden Nectar, Falling Leaves, White Musk

**Magic Night- Tangy Plums wrapped in Oranges, Jasmine and Vanilla

**Mirage- Irresistible blend of blonde moment, sugared tropical fruits and cake

**Muriel's Oven- Follow the bread crumbs to a little house in the woods. Watch out for the witch lurking and  hungry. Alluring woodsy notes followed by spiced fruit and hot toddy

**No Tricks Just Treats!- Sweet Candy, Taffy, Pomegranate, Cotton Candy

** Pour It Up- Sparkling Strawberry, pomegranate deliciousness 

**Pumpkin King Fritters- Pumpkin Apple Glazed Donuts 

 Pumpkin Pecan Waffles- Warm, buttery pumpkin pecan waffles 

**Skeleton Teeth- Caramel Apple Kettle Corn

**Snake & Spider Stew- Orange, Pomegranate, Cranberry Marmalade 

**Spooked- Gooey Brownies swirled in Marshmallows baked in a warm spice loaf

**Spooky Buns- Hot, sticky, delicious apple spice cinnamon buns 

**Spirit Of Salem- Spooky Buns/ Did You Say Pumpkin?! 

**Sticky Buns- Vanilla, Marshmallow, Pecan, Cinnamon Buns

**Sweet Fall- Mac apple, cotton candy, cake

**Sweetness- Notes of gingerbread, brownies, and fried ice cream

**The Great Pumpkin Bakery- Warm vanilla, pumpkin, and spiced fruit

**Vamp Juice- Bite Me, Blonde Moment, Pink Sugar

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow- Pumpkin blended with cinnamon, vanilla, and marshmallow

Vanilla Pumpkin Pie- Warm and hot out of the oven with notes of vanilla pumpkin and spice 

**Winter Pops- Vanilla, Grape, and Orange Dreamsicles


**Witches Bakery- Pumpkin cheesecake, topped in apples, cinnamon, touch of spice, and pecans. 

**Witches Cemetery- Notes of pumpkin, sweet potato, brown sugar, spiced fruit and cookies 

**Witches Curse- Leaves, bonfire, spiced fruit

Winter Holiday Scents

Winter Wonderland- Ozone, apple blossoms, rosewood, lily, and rosemary mint

Winter Blues- Blue sugar, balsam, cypress, cedar, rosemary, and Christmas trees

Holo Serenity- Special blend of lavender and sandalwood

Deck The Halls- Citrus, berries, and candied whiskey

Ugly Christmas Sweater- Sweater Weather type*, fruits and citrus

Festive- Spice loaf, orange chiffon cake, coconut milk, and fruit

Summer In December- Pineapple, coconut, brown sugar cake

Holiday Travels- Peppermint embeds/ fir, cedar, and moss over pour

Hidden Springs- Sugared Spruce, jasmine, bergamot, balsam, fir, holly, with a touch of peppermint

Iced Nog- Buttercream icing and eggnog

Caramel Pretzel Bar- Chocolate covered caramel pretzel 

Jingle Bells- Strawberry peppermint bark

Spiked Christmas Cake- Spiced coquito, hazelnut, cake and vanilla

Cookies For Santa- Marshmallow, lemon, gingerbread cookies

Naughty List- ribbon candy, apples, peaches, cake, and cookies

Reindeer Treats- Maple, cinnamon, nutmeg, cranberry, vanilla sugar

Winter Getaway- Oak, lily of the valley, jasmine, vanilla, and musk 

Festive- Spice loaf, orange chiffon cake, coconut milk and fruit